Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Time Already

Well I guess I am not that good at keeping this up :/ sorry about that! Well today is Tuesday June 14th and we are into our second week of summer break. Very hard for me to believe that next year Dylan is going to be in 1st grade, Taylor in 7th and Courtney in 10th! Wow the time is just flying by!!

Courtney started drivers education last Monday and got her permit on the 10th :) so we spent the weekend driving around! That was fun but also makes me very nervous!!

On Saturday the 4th we had a big birthday party for Chris and his brother, they share the same birthday of June 6th but Gene turned 50 and Chris turned 45, that was a great time.

Other then that so far not much going on this summer but I am sure that will change once Courtney ends her drivers ed class.

Until next time have a safe and fun summer!!