Monday, September 12, 2011

September 11th 2011 had a whole new meaning to me....

Well not only did September 11th 2011 mark the 10th anniversary of the attack on the United States of America but I decided to take on the one thing that I have always loved and that is Photography!! Yes you read right I am going to start a side job and start taking pictures :)!! I am very nervous and excited at the same time. I think I will create a new blog for my new found business idea and maybe I will do a better job and keeping it up!

In the mean time check out some of my current work on and give me your thoughts and suggestions I am open to any and all!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer Time Already

Well I guess I am not that good at keeping this up :/ sorry about that! Well today is Tuesday June 14th and we are into our second week of summer break. Very hard for me to believe that next year Dylan is going to be in 1st grade, Taylor in 7th and Courtney in 10th! Wow the time is just flying by!!

Courtney started drivers education last Monday and got her permit on the 10th :) so we spent the weekend driving around! That was fun but also makes me very nervous!!

On Saturday the 4th we had a big birthday party for Chris and his brother, they share the same birthday of June 6th but Gene turned 50 and Chris turned 45, that was a great time.

Other then that so far not much going on this summer but I am sure that will change once Courtney ends her drivers ed class.

Until next time have a safe and fun summer!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Kidds!

Here are my sweet kiddos getting all grown up!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Way over due!!

Well it has been 3 years since I have done anything on my Blog, I guess that is what happens when you have 5 children living in your house and consuming your very minute!! I am going to try to start on this from scratch, especially since I really can't even remember how to do the fun stuff :)!

The last couple of years have been pretty hard on us but we are doing out best to pull it all together. I am going to try to do a brief recap of where our life has gone and where it is today since my last post in 2008 :)!!

In September of 2008 my whole office walked out to go to work for another company. I spent one month in an empty office closing out the last of the loans for that branch and then I left and went to join them. 6 months later more changes were to come our way...

Our world was rocked in March of 2009 when my husband was laid off from his job, my heart stopped the day he called me and I was not sure how we were going to make things work on one income with 6 kids to support as well.... the days turned into week and then months of him not having a job the stress and pressure became very hard and by this time lots was lost and things were looking pretty bad. He finally interviewed and accepted a job in February of 2010, 11 months later at Baylor Hospital, the pay is half what he use to make but the insurance is way less then what I was paying for all of us at my work. I was sure things would start to turn around but someone else decided my black cloud was not ready to leave.....

The summer of 2010 brought on yet more stress and worries for our family. By the end of June Dylan started complaining of some really bad headaches, we took him to the doctor and they told us some things to watch for (allergies, migraines..the normal) but as July came around they just appeared to be getting worse so I finally told the doctors they needed to see him again now that he was throwing up with the headaches. We got him back in on Wednesday July 21st and after throwing up in the doctors office I told them I was not leaving until we check his brain with a CAT Scan because I was really worried. Little did I know a couple hours later I would hear that my 5 year old son had a brain tumor, I felt like at that very moment that my whole world was coming to an end I just kept thinking to myself "how much more can I handle". We got him down to Children's Hospital that evening and the next day he had emergency brain surgery to remove the tumor. This by far had been the worse thing that has ever happened in my life. We found out the tumor was not cancer and Dylan today is doing great. Dr. Swift is now my new hero!! He will continue to monitor Dylan for the next 10 years and right now we go in every 3 months. Dylan was able to start Kindergarten on time and he just loves going to school!

We are very happy to say that Cody is now attending Texas A & M and is doing so great in school. I hope that all his hard work and dedication pays off for him, he has turned out to be a wonderful young man! We are so proud of you Cody and love you so much!

Courtney is a Freshman in high school and sure keeps me on my toes. She joined the JV Drill Team this year, the Dixie Darlings so I went to a bunch of football games and had a blast, we even made it to the playoffs!! I was dreading her joining but am so glad she did, by her being in drill team I hook back up with a friend that I went to school with and now our kids are friends :)! Courtney just celebrated her 15th birthday when the state of Texas was having the coldest and longest winter blast they have ever had, schools were closed for 4 straight days. I blame it on the Super Bowl that came to town :)! Hard to believe she is old enough to take drivers education and start to drive. Not really sure where that time has gone!!

Taylor is in middle school and will turn 12 this next Friday. She is doing an awesome job in school, even with taking a few honors classes!

My Little Colt and Brent are just growing way to fast, they turned 3 last November and I swear it was just yesterday I found out I was having twins and was freaking out on how I was going to do it and now here they are potty trained, thanks to my Daddy since he watches them every day and two years away from starting school, just amazes me!!

Well I know that was a lot but when you have not blogged in 3 years what do you expect :) I will try to do better!

This should be a great weekend so enjoy!